The History

Globe House stands grand, historical and proud. It was built between 1870 and 1872, Globe House is a true testament and legacy of Manchester’s success and prosperity during the Victorian era. The Industrial Revolution ushered numerous improvements to the manufacturing processes in England and with this the factories and warehouses around Manchester grew in number.

Originally kite-shaped, Globe House was a self- contained compact factory built by Richmond and Chandler, the world renowned agricultural machinery innovators and manufacturers. Built in true Victorian style with a combination of brightly coloured red brick and elegant golden sandstone, Globe House exhibits some of the most typical features of Victorian architecture. The asymmetrical office frontage still bears the initials of its original founders in exquisite, detailed masonry above the door - ‘R&C’.

Some 200 years ago the area in which Globe House is located was home to Strangeways Hall (later demolished) and the De Strangeways family from whom this part of town derives its name. During this time, Strangeways area was considered a desirable location for Manchester’s wealthier residents. Today, it is home to Strangeways prison which was built on the site of the ponds which enriched the grounds of the former Hall. Easily recognised by its Gothic- revival ventilation tower, Strangeways prison with its high security measures makes this area one of the safest in Manchester.

Following a brief period in the 80’s when Globe House was converted into offices, it was left vacant awaiting rediscovery by its current owners. Having come across this hidden gem, the current owner decided to restore some of the property’s former glory and put a stamp of our modern times by turning it into 27 truly remarkable and unique residential properties.